"Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Theodore Roosevelt's famous proverb, paraphrased for this URL as a symbol of my interest in U.S. history.

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Web Sites for Business Research

1 of 4: Key Sites For Company and Breaking News

Yahoo's Stock Quotes CNBC Home Page Microsoft Investor CNNfn
CBS MarketWatch D&T Tax Issues Update Herring Communications The Motley Fool
Tech Stocks The Street.Com Hoover's Company Profiles WSJ Briefing Books
CEO Express   US Chamber of Commerce  

2 of 4: Key sites For Macroeconomic Information

Census's Economic Stats tipsheet for Press Bureau of Labor Statistics Treasury's Public Debt home page U.S. Economic Indicators
U.S. Census Bureau Latest Census Price figures Monthly Economic Indicators Univ. of Michigan Statistical Resources
BLS California Office      

3 of 4: Anderson School Professor Geiss's Free Sites List:

Free Sites

The sites listed below don’t charge usage fees:
Silicon Investor. 

Focuses on the high tech arena. Can chart stock performance over various periods of time.
Investors Edge.  

Set up your own portfolio.

Check Nasdaq stock quotes.
CEO Express

A comprehensive and current directory of useful business information and research sites available on the Web. Categorized by topic.

Variety of business and news reports delivered by E-mail The service provides headlines, then a synopsis of the story and a Web address to click if you want more details on the item. Set up a stock portfolio.
Reuters MoneyNet. 

A lot of investment information for free (although real-time quotes and some research costs extra).
Good source for technology news – includes daily radio programs. Stock quotes and research provided by Bloomberg.

An amazing directory to resources on the web. Find links to financial, general news, and technology magazine sites. Also has a search engine and delayed stock quotes provided by PC Quote.

The technology supersite. Check out Tech Investor section.
The Mining Company. 

Unique gateway to the internet, providing a user friendly interface to the world wide web. Each topic area is overseen buy a guide who is paid to keep up his/her topic area page, e.g. ‘business.’

Deja News is a Usenet (newsgroup) archiving and searching service, which means that it searches newsgroups. You can use it to see what people are saying about a particular topic.
Time Warner’s Pathfinder Network.
Pathfinder's electronic versions of Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Vibe, and Entertainment Weekly (and more). This site features bulletin boards, free email newsletters, lists of useful and interesting Web sites, archives of back issues, photo galleries, and specialty shops.
Business Researcher’s Interests. 

Access to lots of articles on business, management and information technology issues.
Edgar Online. 

Access to all public filings with the SEC.
Census Online. 

Social, economic, and demographic information from the census organization.
PRNewswire and Business Wire.
and http://www.businesswire.com
Good for press releases and company news. Can search by topic, e.g. search ‘today’s news’ for ‘earnings forecasts’. Businesswire has a ‘hitechlink’ section.
CNN Interactive. 

All the current news.
Business Research Lab. 

Provides links to businesses, banks, libraries and other resources to help the small business person.
National Public Radio. 

Listen to NPR or read NPR’s news stories. Has a large archive of news coverage.
The Motley Fool. 

An interesting investment related site that provides daily market commentary.

Definitions of hundreds of words which are emerging as a new vocabulary surrounding the technology and community of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Offers directories such as yellowpages and whitepages. Also has a directory of company websites, city guides, and stock quotes.
Information on sports, business and the internet.
Red Herring  
Information aimed at the investor & IPO community



4 of 4: Anderson School Professor Geiss's Fee-Based Sites List

Fee Sites

These sites charge a fee for at least some of their services:

The Wall Street Journal Interactive. 

The Wall Street Journal site lets you select stories from the categories of coverage that interest you. You can create a stock portfolio, which provides a daily accounting of how your investments performed. The service also offers briefing books about companies and a variety of stories related to business throughout the world.
Business Week

Business Week online, which provides free access to some areas and charge by article in the archive area. Email newsletters also available.
Microsoft Money Central Investor. 

Microsoft’s comprehensive offering for business and investment research and analysis. Some sections require a monthly fee for access and analysis.
Zacks Investment Research. 

Mostly a for-fee site for gathering investment information although it does provide some free information.
Research Online International.

ROI is a business research firm providing custom information for users. Billed at an hourly rate.
Dun and Bradstreet Online. 

This is a good site to find out information about businesses. Order and retrieve D&B information products.
Hoovers Online. 

Features company news and profiles.
Barrons Online. 

The site claims to be ‘market surveillance for the financial elite.’
Alliance InfoGraphics. 

This is the site that provides InfoGraphics, the strategy visualization application I use in class.


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